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Payless Brick Pavers Services
With 14 years of experience, we are proud to offer quality of
service, free estimate and 100% satisfaction guarantee.
We offer a wide range of colors and designs that are ideal for any hardscape project. We use only the best materials to ensure beauty, reliability, and customer satisfaction. 

We also offer a two year warranty on installation to ensure satisfaction. This warranty covers any kind of normal wear and tear that may have caused the brick to sink, heave, separate, or break.

 Residential & Commercial

 Pool Decks
 Retaining Walls
 Block Walls
 Garden Pathways
 Custom Designs

We proudly serve Jacksonville FL and surrounding areas. Every paver, patio, driveway, or walkway we install comes backed by our “2 Year Workmanship Warranty”.

 Interlocking Brick Pavers

Brick Pavers are designed with the flexibility for movement. For
example, when the ground shifts, brick pavers follow the ground
movement. The number one concern that customers have about brick pavers is "will the brick separate, sink, or heave when the ground moves"? The answer is No. Brick Pavers are installed with a compact crushed concrete base and the joint will be field with fine or polymeric sand. The crushed concrete is nearly as hard as concrete when compacted, but still gives the flexibility for ground movement.

Brick pavers are mortarless so this eliminates cracking due to ground movement, unlike stamped concrete. Brick pavers also have a long life span and are nearly maintenance free when compared to decks.